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Mantshwabisi Fan Club is a registered motor club established on the 25th March 2005 in Botswana. It was established by young Batswana youth who had passion for motoracing. The name "Mantshwabisi" was used because the annual desert race in the country is popularly known as "MANTSHWABISI"


 The aims and objectives of the club are as follows:

  • Promoting motorsport in Botswana.
  • Building fellowship amoungst vehicle owners of any nationality in Botswana.
  • Making motorsport a viable money spinner for Batswana youth hence helping divesify the economy of Botswana.
  • Curbing Alcohol abuse in youth as motrosport has got a lot of adrenaline so you start @ an early age before the child gets crooked.
  • Having a development riders programme for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds where they can possibly have motorsport a a career 


 Our vision is to build a race track and have a motorsport school before 2016. This will be pioneered by the opening up of go-kart and quad bike centres all over Botswana starting from early 2007.


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